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1) Home of the Deal$ & Home of the Realz!

We have been busy putting together a bunch of products for our customers to grab at amazing prices with deals to be had in every category.

The recent introduction of our exceptional Home of the Deal$ line of vapes, rigorously tested at the renowned Brooklyn Curbside offices, has left us absolutely enamored. Among the array of innovative options, the FLAV THC Live Resin Disposable, with its flawlessly smooth inhale and sheer delight to vape, unquestionably distinguishes itself from the competition. This extraordinary vape allows you to savor and inhale vapor with the utmost freedom, giving you the flexibility to enjoy as much as you desire in Home of the Deal$.

What truly sets the FLAV THC Live Resin Disposable apart is the exceptional quality of its oil in Home of the Deal$? Crafted with unparalleled expertise, it features a delectable live resin that is strain-specific, ensuring a unique and tailored experience for every enthusiast. This commitment to strain specificity not only underscores our dedication to excellence but also elevates the FLAV vape into a league of its own.

In sum, the FLAV THC Live Resin Disposable is, without a doubt, a true winner and a dream come true for all vaping connoisseurs. Its unparalleled quality, seamless inhalation experience, and the tantalizing live resin make it an absolute standout in the world of vaping, setting the standard for an exceptional and unforgettable journey into the world of vapor.


Whenever you decide to pick up one of our High End Exotic Ounces for $175, When it comes to your cannabis choices, you can relax with the confidence that our products are sourced fresh from the farm, untouched, and rigorously tested. In an ever-evolving marijuana market, we have made it our mission to stay one step ahead of the curve, ensuring that you have access to the very best in high-end weed at incredibly competitive prices being the cheapest in Home of the Deal$, all delivered directly to your door.

Our commitment to sourcing only the freshest and finest cannabis from reputable farms means that you can indulge in a premium cannabis experience like no other. We prioritize quality, so you can enjoy your favorite strains with the assurance that they meet the highest standards of excellence.

Why bother with the uncertainty of a visit to a smoke shop, where often you’ll encounter staff who may not be well-versed in what they’re selling, leaving you in the dark about your purchases? We take the guesswork out of your cannabis experience by personally curating and selecting every flower strain we offer. Our commitment to providing true, high-quality strains ensures that you’ll enjoy the freshest and most authentic products available for your consumption.

But it doesn’t stop there – we understand the value of convenience and efficiency. Our dedicated team of drivers is on standby, ready to deliver your chosen cannabis products right to your doorstep. Whether you’re in Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, our weed delivery service is designed to be the quickest and most reliable option in the realm of online cannabis delivery. Visiting New York and getting your hands on some cannabis products has never been easier. Simply text 718-747-9797 to get started and you can have your order NYC weed delivered usually in under an hour. Whichever you choose from Home of the Deal$, Edibles, Vapes or weed cannabis, Brooklyn Curbside has you covered.

We all love our Sauce Essential Disposables, A true staple that delivers every time. We never leave home without one just like Home of the Deal$

Act fast to secure your selection, as these gems are sure to fly off the shelves. The time is now to experience the ultimate in vaping pleasure from Home of the Deal$. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers – grab them before they’re gone, and get ready to embark on a vaping adventure like no other. Get your hands on these fantastic products and get ready to have a blast like never before!

Do not let this extraordinary opportunity pass you by; take action and secure your favorites before our limited supplies run out. Feel free to inquire about our extensive and diverse range of flavors, and prepare to be astounded by the sheer array of options we have at your disposal. But what truly leaves everyone in awe is our unbeatable deal:  3 for $100! It’s a deal that borders on the unbelievable, particularly considering the top-notch quality of our Real Authentic Sauce Essentials vape disposables, which can be easily verified for your peace of mind.

Hurry and act swiftly to ensure your selection, for these gems are destined to vanish from our inventory at a rapid pace. The time is ripe for you to partake in the ultimate vaping experience. Do not let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – get a hold of these remarkable Home of the Deal$ products before they become elusive, and brace yourself for a vaping adventure like no other. With these fantastic products of Home of the Deal$ in your possession, you’re not just vaping; you’re in for an extraordinary journey that promises an unparalleled blast of enjoyment like never before! You can also visit our second website to buy it

More Stiiizy’s Please!!! Coming Right Up!!!

You’re in luck because we have an abundant supply of the genuine article, and they are fully verifiable. When it comes to authenticity, our commitment to delivering the real deal is unwavering. Our  Stiiizy pods, the gold standard in the world of vaping, are now available to you for an incredibly affordable $50.

Experience the pinnacle of vaping with  Stiiizy pods, where the best only continues to get better. These pods are a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier products to our valued customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your vaping experience with  Stiiizy pods, and embrace the authentic quality that only we can deliver. Get ready to experience the ultimate in vaping satisfaction, and elevate your vaping game today! You can also visit our second website to buy it

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