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Brooklyn Curbside made an indelible mark in the world of dabbing with the extraordinary introduction of our Pink Elephant Line of badder. These remarkable products swiftly became a sensation, captivating enthusiasts far and wide. Such was their popularity that they flew off the shelves in no time, leaving our devoted customers yearning for more.

But we’re not content with merely replicating our past successes; we continually strive to raise the bar. Pink Elephant has once again taken the reins of innovation, presenting an ultra-premium run of 100% strain-specific resin badder sauce that effortlessly competes with the best the market has to offer today.

What sets this creation apart is the meticulous process involved. Each of the eight featured strains undergoes a transformation like no other. They are expertly chopped and then meticulously turned into Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder. What makes this process exceptional is the utilization of a special cold-press technique, a method that preserves the purity and authenticity of the final product from the original strain right up to the moment it touches your lungs.

The result is a lineup of products that astound with their distinct characteristics. Each strain offers its own unique consistency, ranging from a medium runny texture to a denser, solid moisture. Yet, one thing remains constant—every strain boasts a gooey and easily spreadable texture, with subtle variations in firmness that make each jar a delightful experience in itself.

What truly elevates our Pink Elephant 100% Live Resin Sauce Badder to another level is the remarkable purity, strength, and consistency it embodies. This product is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality in every jar.


Pink Elephant ensures not only exceptional products but also an extraordinary level of service. Our quick Queens weed delivery, Manhattan weed delivery, and Brooklyn weed delivery services are a testament to our commitment to ensuring your experience is seamless and unforgettable. When you choose us, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement—a statement that declares your journey in the world of dabbing has a new dimension, one characterized by innovation, quality, and sheer indulgence. Your satisfaction and delight are our guiding stars, and we’re proud to be your trusted partner in this extraordinary journey. So, make your choice, place your order, and savor the excellence of Pink Elephant.

The allure of Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder doesn’t stop at its visual and tactile appeal; it extends to the taste, where pure, authentic terpenes extracted from the strain create an experience that’s nothing short of surreal. These terpenes infuse every bite with flavors that transport your senses to an extraordinary realm, where each inhalation is an invitation to a world of culinary delight and aroma.

The magic doesn’t end with the tantalizing taste; it continues with the high that accompanies it. The Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder delivers an immediate and potent effect that’s bound to catapult you to the moon and beyond. No matter how you choose to consume it, whether through a traditional dab rig or a more modern Erig like the Core 2.1 or the puffco, the results are consistently out of this world.

Just a tiny amount of this exceptional badder sauce is enough to send you and a few lucky companions on a journey to elation. The Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder epitomizes the notion that quality always trumps quantity, and a little goes a long way in achieving a truly remarkable high.

When you pair this incredible product with Brooklyn Curbside’s lightning-fast weed delivery service, you end up with not just a good day or night, but a great one. The convenience of our service ensures that your Pink Elephant experience is not just extraordinary but also effortlessly accessible. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or an adventure of the mind, this is a combination that promises to deliver the best of both worlds. So, why wait? Embrace the excellence of Pink Elephant and let Brooklyn Curbside be your trusted guide on this unforgettable journey. You can also visit our second website Chronic Buddha for more information about our products catalogue.

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