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As a dedicated and upfront NYC weed delivery service, we prioritize integrity and honesty in the weed products we offer. Our commitment to our customers and the cannabis community leads us to make responsible decisions. We refuse to participate in the black market trade, as we are unwavering in our dedication to authenticity and quality.

Over recent years, the cannabis industry has seen a surge in deceptive practices, with numerous products claiming to be something they are not. This unfortunate trend preys on unsuspecting buyers who believe they are purchasing a specific product, only to receive a counterfeit or imitation. It’s a practice that has left many consumers feeling deceived.

At Brooklyn Curbside, we stand against such deceptive practices. We are resolute in our mission to provide genuine, high-quality weed products that meet the expectations of our customers. Our authenticity extends to every aspect of our business, from the strains we offer to the edibles and vapes we provide. You can trust that when you order from us, you’re receiving exactly what you’ve paid for.


We take great pride in being an honest, reliable, and trustworthy NYC weed delivery service. Our goal is to ensure your cannabis experience is a positive and authentic one, free from the concerns of encountering fake or subpar products. Brooklyn Curbside remains your steadfast partner in the world of cannabis, dedicated to your satisfaction and delivering the real deal.

The problem of deceptive weed products extends to edibles and vapes, where an increasing number of counterfeit and imitation items have flooded the market. These fake products lead consumers to believe they are purchasing reputable, branded items, only to discover that they have been tricked by subpar and often harmful black market products.

In this atmosphere of uncertainty, Brooklyn Curbside stands as a beacon of authenticity and quality. We have made it our mission to carry only genuinely branded products that our customers can trust. Our lineup includes recognized and reputable brands such as Stiiizy, Sauce Bars, Loud Snacks, Loud Vapes & Dabs, and The Official Blaze.

We are committed to your peace of mind and the assurance of genuine products. All of our products come with a verification process through their respective QR code systems. This means that you can easily verify the authenticity of the product you’ve received, safeguarding you against counterfeit and imitation items.

At Brooklyn Curbside, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing safe, trusted, and verified cannabis weed products products to our customers. We believe that transparency and authenticity are fundamental to ensuring a positive and secure cannabis experience. You can rely on us to deliver products that have undergone strict verification and meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

When you choose any one of our strains for NYC weed delivery, you don’t have to wonder if What You See Is What You Get. We have uploaded pictures from the weed products you are purchasing so you can see the exact strain you are buying. No more wondering if what you’re looking at is what you’ll receive. There is no games being played at Brooklyn Curbside.

You can rest assured that if you order Jack piss, Sour diesel, Black runts or rainbow sherbert that it will be the strain you chose. We don’t disguise our products in fancy expensive bags with made up names, we just deliver you real high-grade exotic strain directly to you with prompt service and top notch NYC weed delivery. You can also visit other website: Chronic Buddha to learn more about our product catalogue and what products we offer for our customers.

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